Tenant Services

At Mihalovich Partners we’re driven to advocate the interests of San Francisco tenants in leasing negotiations of all types—renewals, relocations, renegotiations, and terminations. We never represent landlords, avoiding conflicts of interest, unlike most firms in the leasing brokerage business

What makes us different?

  • Your best interests are our only interest.

    We only represent tenants—never landlords. We provide conflict-free brokerage representation and project management.
  • We exhaust all options.

    We offer comprehensive, comparative analyses of all financial lease terms.
  • You are our #1 priority.

    We’re here for you every day.
  • We’re marathoners not relay runners.

    We are your single, consistent point of contact from project inception through renewal or move-in. This assures quality and results so you can focus on your business.
  • Leaner. Better.

    You can rely on our senior partner for daily hands on action. We also employ technology, research and our proprietary lease analysis program to get you results.
  • Our experience is unparalleled.

    We have over 32 years of experience representing tenants. We’ve closed and managed over 200 transactions, 50 of which were for law firms.
  • We have connections.

    We know and have worked with a wide range of local service providers.
  • We know what we’re talking about.

    We know the San Francisco commercial real estate market inside and out. We’re not afraid to share our opinion on current market conditions, our predictions and how they impact you. This information fuels our aggressive negotiating style.

Our Unique Approach

  1. Analyze

    We dive deep into your business to learn about your firm’s infrastructure, finances and plans for the future.
  2. Assemble

    We combine our brokerage and project management expertise with a hand-selected team of tenant-focused architects, contractors, furniture consultants, IT specialists, green consultants, move managers… whomever you need create the ultimate relocation or renewal of your lease.
  3. Strategize

    Based on your goals for the future, we develop an ideal lease model.
  4. Compare

    We compare real world options with your ideal lease model. We then narrow the options to the ones that best meet your needs and business objectives.
  5. Negotiate

    We ensure that you’re getting the best business and lease terms possible.
  6. Execute

    After the lease is signed, we oversee all aspects of design, construction and move-in.
  7. Move

    You transition to your new space.
  8. Celebrate

    Need we say more?

Want proof?

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