We Represent Tenants, Only.

Mihalovich Partners is a completely objective advisor to Tenants, only. We have NO allegiance to ANY landlord. We have no distractions.

Mihalovich Partners, a San Francisco based tenant-representation firm, was formed in 1998 by Dan Mihalovich, then a 16-year Industry veteran and Director of Office Leasing at Cushman & Wakefield. Mihalovich brings to the firm 34 years of business experience, focusing on Market Analysis, Negotiation Skills and Project Management expertise. He has managed over 200 office-leasing and project management assignments for many of San Francisco’s most prestigious tenants. His career, and the focus of Mihalovich Partners, is solely driven to advocate the interests of San Francisco tenants in leasing negotiations of all types—renewals, relocations, renegotiations, and terminations. Mihalovich Partners never represents landlords, avoiding conflicts of interest, unlike most firms in the leasing brokerage business.

Our Experience and Negotiating Skills are Second to None.

Thirty years representing tenants, including 35 law firms and many of the City’s largest, most tenured professional firms. No one will more aggressively and effectively manage the process and negotiate on your behalf. Landlords know and respect us.

A key objective of Mihalovich Partners is to remain a focused firm, serving a limited group of Clients each year, and providing a higher level of personalized commercial real estate services than any of our competitors. The Firm’s goal is to “be inside” the client’s organization and become an integral part of senior management’s strategic thinking and planning. Mihalovich Partners assumes a fiduciary responsibility to protect our clients’ interests. We avoid any possible or perceived allegiance to the landlord community to allow us to most aggressively negotiate rent and a multitude of other concessions for our clients.

There are no empty suits in our office. The Team you meet are the people who actually do the work of representing your interests and coordinating the entire project. There are no layers of management. Your project will be a major priority of our firm. Mr. Mihalovich has led hundreds of tenant representation projects, from inception through renewal or move-in. Mihalovich Partners will be your single point-of-contact, to oversee all the details, create plans and strategy, organize the Team and progress, and be responsible for the execution of the transaction through completion.

We Offer Smart Tools to Tenants.

To serve the Tenant community further, Mr. Mihalovich pioneered one of the first and most effective websites in the commercial real estate industry, called The Space Place®. The site is a testament to our user-friendly approach to representing Clients. Information our clients need, and access to the entire 800 million square foot inventory in the San Francisco Bay Area, is just a click away. Among other insightful materials presented at The Space Place, Mr. Mihalovich authors and posts a quarterly economic analysis, editorial and forecast for all San Francisco Bay Area office market areas.

We also offer a proprietary, customized lease analysis program. When we coordinate a competition among landlords for our client’s business, this analytic tool allows us to easily demonstrate cash flows and expenses—in a way conducive and sensitive to the internal workings of our clients’ organizations.

Standard Features.


Our real estate brokers are well educated and responsive in a “take-charge” and productive manner. Above all, we take pride in our superior negotiating and diplomatic skills. Our Clients’ recommendations speak to our skills.


In commercial real estate transactions, parties have come to accept that nothing is binding unless and until documents are fully executed and delivered. However, we have found that our clients are not well served when commitments are made casually. Integrity, to us, is everything. We do what we say we will do. Period. Clients entrust us and rely upon our word. Parties with whom we are negotiating appreciate this approach and treat our clients respectfully and promptly, knowing that we deliver when we say, “we will”.

Attention to Detail.

Our job is to “quarterback” your transaction. In that position, we lead the Team (architect, general contractor, real estate attorney, etc.); we understand each party’s role and importance; we create a set of plans and a sensible strategy to execute the plans; anticipate any problems; provide proper motivation and support to the Team members; address, research and answer every question posed by our clients; and, ultimately, negotiate all the terms of the lease transaction and take responsibility for the Team’s execution of the plans. We do it, with gusto.


We are well known for our responsiveness to our Clients’ needs, and our ability to work effectively and efficiently as those needs may change during the course of an assignment. We assure you of personalized, prompt attention. Our job is to stay ahead of the market, keep our clients focused on makeable transactions and lead clients through the decision-making process in an aggressive, but sensible fashion.

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