Market Insight: Guest Articles An Interview with Danielle Wohl, Fine Art Advisor and Art Consultant June 2012

Danielle Wohl is an art consultant specializing in providing fine art and advisory services to the business community. Danielle Wohl Fine Art works with law firms, technology firms, financial institutions, medical offices and foundations. Her clients include Facebook, Synopsys Technologies, Laguna Honda Hospital, and Keller & Heckman Law.

You provide contemporary fine art, mural art, and even street art to businesses. Why do businesses want artworks in their offices? What are the benefits of an environment with artworks?

The benefits of having art in an office environment are many. The first and most important benefit is that people love it. It can fulfill broader objectives as well: for instance, employees feel valued when a company demonstrates attention to detail and certainly to detail and consideration in the work environment. When the physical surrounds are engaging, the results always support interest, creativity and inspiration for employees.

A dynamic corporate or business image can be effectively projected to clients and to a larger community through an effective art collection as well.

Describe if you will, what you do as an art consultant. What is your role; what do you hope to achieve for your clients?

In working with companies I consider the corporate culture, establish primary objectives, develop budgetary guidelines, the scope of services, and importantly, the type of image the clients want to project. Then, based on that information, we begin the enormously fun and engaging business of looking at artworks. We bring in artwork directly to the offices so that solid decisions surrounding selections can be made. We make certain that the quality and aesthetic excellence of the artworks is en evidence.

I work in collaboration with the client to develop unique and engaging art collections that match the character of the client’s vision.

Can fine art in an office environment contribute in any measurable way to the success of a company?

A business office with fine art makes a powerful statement. A rich fine art environment will contribute to an employee’s visceral attraction the company. Clients notice and respond to an engaging atmosphere. The attention to detail will register in significant ways; the overall feeling of stimulation and intelligence will register as an accomplishment of the company.

In creating a culture that stimulates innovation and creativity, it is important for a company’s offices to have a physical look that demonstrates the best. In promoting the notion that the company products, services or personnel can influence an industry, or provide outstanding service, it becomes important to have the look within the office environment that indicates that the immediate physical environment speaks to the philosophy of continuing innovation and intelligent decisions. An effective art collection can represent a commitment to quality as well as reinforce important business objectives such as new ideas, a commitment to details, and a dynamic place to be.

Danielle Wohl
Danielle Wohl Fine Art
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