Letters of Recommendation From Our Clients Redwood Bank Renewal at 735 Montgomery Street

…Redwood Bank would like to thank you for your firm’s excellent representation in the Bank’s proposed main branch relocation. Your timeliness, ability to listen to our needs and, most of all, your ability to ferret out extremely competitive deals in an extraordinarily tight market place allowed us to finalize a lease that is mutually advantageous to both the landlord and ourselves. Aside from market information, your insistence on assembling an excellent premises relocation team, both architects and contractors, gave us real data to guide our thinking process ultimately leading us to the right decision.

We would be happy to provide a positive recommendation to anyone who would like to call us.

We wish you the best success in your new operations as The Space Place and as Mihalovich Partners. We hope that all your future deals will be as successful as this one, your first tenant representation since leaving Cushman & Wakefield. You have truly proved to us that you provide the best tenant representation, even in the current “landlord oriented” marketplace.

Anthony S. Dee
President & CEO

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